Hi, I'm Roger. I'm 27 and I love to smoke!

Here are some QuickTime movies of me smoking that I made recently. You should be able to view them in your Web browser. If you have trouble, you may need to download the QuickTime plugin from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/. (This is for both Windows and Mac.)

If you have trouble viewing the movies inside your browser, click here for instructions on using the QuickTime MoviePlayer to view them.

Please let me know what you think of my movies by sending me mail at rogerbw@rocketmail.com. Which are your favorites? And yes, I do take requests! :)

COOL Chat with me in realtime! AOL users, add me--RogerBWSmk--to your buddy list! Don't use AOL? That's OK! Just click here to get Instant Messenger and add me--RogerBWSmk--to your buddy list. Love to hear from you!

NOTE Due to file size constraints, some of the movies are not available. But many are, so keep clicking until you find one! Other movies are available here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rogersmovies/

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Mixed exhales (792K) Two cigs (340K) Lighting two cigs (625K)
Talking (1025K) Lighting up (354K) Chaining (491K)
Long exhale (473K) Closeup (621K) Triple nose exhale (644K)
Snap (331K) Dangling (373K) Nose exhale (182K)
No hands (526K) Double pump (476K) Triple pump (494K)
French inhale (298K) Combined exhale (416K) No hands, four drags (896K)
Down to the filter (704K) Long drag (340K) Nose exhale, 2 clear streams (422K) 2/15/98
Talking (2) (499K) 3/16/98 Nose exhale off the light (281K) 6/13/98 Three quick drags (565K) 6/13/98
Only exhales (597K) 9/7/98 3/4 view, closeup (509K) 9/26/98 3/4 view, exhale (1) (452K) 9/26/98
3/4 view, exhale (2) (420K) 3/4 view, exhale (3) (500K) 3/4 view, exhale (4) (447K)
Open mouth exhale (621K) DLI (673K) Exhale (699K)
Thumb hold (343K/:12) 4/13/99


Lighting (768K) Exhale (336K) Double pump (357K)
Lighting, nose exhale (850K) Talking (3) (838K) No hands, 4 drags (927K)
Three quick drags (1059K) Talking (503K) Closeup (512K)
Puffing (480K) Triple pump (300K) Drags (288K)
Nose exhales (576K) 3/4 view, exhales (481K) Combined exhales (354K)
3/4 view, exhales (2) (545K) 3/4 view, lighting (671K)


Double pump (2) (592K) Double pump (5) (239K) Closeup (1000K)
Lighting, nose exhale (928K) Lighting, nose exhale (2) (620K) Lighting, slow nose exhale (840K)
French inhale (224K) Breathing (320K) Exhales (416K)
Exhales (2) (800K) Lighting (608K) Talking (480K)
Talking (522K) Puffing (448K) Lighting (1) (507K) 4/5/98
Lighting (2) (608K) 4/5/98 Lighting (3) (1070K) 4/5/98 Triple pump (3) (555K) 4/29/98
Triple pump (4) (297K) 4/29/98 3/4 view, exhale (1) (513K) 9/26/98 Lighting up, nose exhales (3) (741K) 10/10/98
3/4 view, exhale (2) (359K) 10/22/98 3/4 view, lighting, nose exhale (541K/:13) 10/31/98 Stoking it up (1005K/:22) 11/8/98
3/4 view, nose exhale (372K/:07) 11/8/98 3/4 view, lighting, nose exhale (2) (709K/:12) 12/5/98 Closeup (2) (546K/:12) 12/5/98
Lighting (4) (597K/:12) 12/20/98 Mixed exhales (638K/:15) 12/20/98


3/4 view, pipe then cigar (1) (724K) 10/22/98 3/4 view, pipe then cigar (2) (691K/:12) 10/31/98 3/4 view, pipe and cigar (495K/:09) 10/31/98
Cigar and cig (509K/:10) 10/31/98 Cigar and cig, nose exhale (572K/:11) 11/8/98 Cigar and cig (2) (400K/:10) 11/8/98
Cigar and cig (3) (445K/:10) 11/8/98 Pipe and cigar, nose exhale (871K/:13) 12/5/98 Pipe and cigar, nose exhale (2) (589K/:12) 12/5/98
Cig and cigar, no hands (316K/:06) 12/5/98 Pipe then cigar, nose exhale (367K/:08) 12/20/98 Pipe and cigar, nose exhale (3) (729K/:08) 12/20/98
Pipe and cigar, dangling (891K/:15) 12/20/98 Pipe and cigar, exhaling (636K/:12) 12/20/98

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