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Welcome to Roni's House!

(That's pronounced as in Rice-a or Maca)


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Please, before you go any further, read my Me page to gain a little insight into why this site won't be changing any time soon.  It was fun while it lasted. :)

I'm completely computer illiterate (well, that's not totally true anymore , actually,since I started working on my site, I've realized my annoying ability to really do stuff like this), and I managed to get this page up with the hope of providing info about me and stuff I like.

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I'm all about randomness, so from here you can learn about me, or go to the God or Goddess of music pages, GRACE JONES!, Poetry Central, cool queer links, the International House of SPAM, Dave's Place, and a whole page of RANDOMNESS....Why not stop by a friendly neighborhood Calvin and Hobbes site? You can also visit my very own pages dedicated to Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey (yes, they're all here), and the movies Batman and Robin, and The Fifth Element.Don't long as you're here - PLEASE sign my guestbook! It would really make me happy!

To make it easier to fly through my random world, I've included my own handy little EZ LYNX boxes at the top of every main page. Just pick an area of mine you want to go to and press "Take Off!" They look like this funny thing below and you can use them to really easily go from one section to another. Enjoy!

Have Phun Exploring my Whirlpool of Random and remember...

you can always email me at

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