Hi. Welcome to my Home Page. I may never get around to updating anything on here... but just in case I do, come on in and take a look around!

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Some of my creative junk!

a few poems I've written

My senior pictures. Class of '99'

Pictures From My Halloween Party in 1998

Pictures of Ani Difranco!!

Ani is by far the best singer in the whole wide world.. I got turned on to her through my friend Nicole and I went to just one of her concerts and I am hooked.. she is AWESOME.. go out and get some music from her right now I guarantee you'll LOVE IT!!!

A little bit about my self!

A poem I wrote

Curt's Drawing

I had a party on the friday before christmas 1997 and my friend Curt drew this picture and I thought it was such a great drawing that I had to scan it and put it here. what's really strange about this pic is that if you Take away the elf ears and the nose piercing it looks exactly like my sister-in-law, Libby, which is really wierd cause Curt has never seen libby before

Earth Day

Please help your community by putting trash where it belongs.

My Links Page

AIDS Awareness

Get Informed Stay Informed

Be Smart

No Day But Today--- Jonathon Larson

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