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(That's Jamie looking sexy in the dyke-style tux, and Beverly in the red dress.
Isn't the look on the minister's face just priceless? *smile*)

On January 14, 1996 Jamie and Beverly were joined for life by Rev. Linda Eriving of the Trinity United Chruch of Vancouver, BC. In attendence were some of Jamie's closest friends and her sister. Unfortunately, none of Beverly's friends or family were able to attend due to the fact that we were married in our BC, Canada apartment and Beverly is from Georiga, USA. However, we had lots of support from our many on-line friends.

We designed our own ceremony, taking from examples of what others had done before us, with a few variations of our own. Jamie did all the wonderful food for the wedding and Beverly did all of the decorations and made our own wedding book. (We were unable to find any suitable for same sex marriages.)

Our wedding was very low budget, but was beautiful and special nonetheless. After the ceremony, Jamie and Beverly danced to the song CRAZY FOR YOU by Madonna. After our dance, our guests threw colored heart graffiti on us, which we are still happily finding all over the apartment. We later had some pictures taken of us together.

Rev. Ervin did a wonderful job and really helped to make our special day a wonderful memory that will last for the rest of our lives. We were both very happy to be able to have a lesbian minister take partin our declaring our love and commitment to one another. Of course, we will be remarried someday (in a goddess/witchcraft ceremony based upon the ancient lesbian wedding ceremonies and symbolism that Beverly has been able to find information about), when the government catches up with the ages and makes same sex marriages legal, but our Covenant Ceremony will always remain special in our hearts.

We are now looking forward to celebrating many more wedding anniversaries in the future. We are even more in love than we were the day that we publically declared our love for one another and our commitment to one another for life and we're greatly looking forward to our future together.


You can see a picture of and read more about the food, the gifts we recieved, and our wedding book. You can also read about the Inn where we honeymooned. And because we know that others same sex partners will decided to make their commitment of life instead of waiting for our govenments to catch up, we have included the program from our own ceremony. You can also see individual pictures of Beverly and Jamie at our wedding and learn more about who did what to get ready for our special day.

NEW! You can also see more pictures of us, our wedding, our honeymoon suite, and our engagement party by visiting our online Family Photo Album.

If you have a page dedicated to your same sex marriage/union, please email Beverly and let her know where it is. She will happy to add a link to your page on her Same Sex Marriage Links Page! If you woud like to share the story of your own special day, please visit Lesbian Love Stories to find out how you can submit the story of your own special day.

If you would like to know more about us, please check out our other homepages:



We both wish love and happiness to all.

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June 17, 2000

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