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I welcome you to my reality in this small world. A world that was matriarchical at the beginning and will become such again. As a 21st century woman, I'm waiting for the world to obtain an "unlimited life challenge", a "who am I to criticize existence" and those who can catch up with my "total open-mindness". As a mother of three, I feel it is important as a parent to show creativity that is based on attitude and latitude. We all should dig deeper to find the tools that we were all given by whatever creator each one of us believes in. It's our job to find out how to use each and all gifts we were born with. This web page gives me the freedom to design and represent my good points, my bad ones and the very ugly ones. Let me draw back the curtain and reveal my empire (and it wasn't built like Rome). Enjoy and have fun. Go and grow. Peace.


Modeling to me is an expression of art. I started modeling when I was 17. I began modeling for fun. I didn't recognize the woman in the mirror or in the photos. I later became the subject for professional and amateur photographers. They seem to capture parts of my soul that I never thought I revealed, but you'll see they did. Here is some of our work along with other fun pictures of friends and family.


I've always believed that poetry is the true interpretation of the soul. I was touched by the muse at 14 and I began to write poetry to express my frustrations as a teenager. I wrote many poems during pregnancies. I was influenced by my English professors (Got nothin' but love for you, Dr. Ferguson and Mr. Walton). Now, I write whenever the muse calls me.


I feel it's important to present my experience and knowledge of the corporate world.

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