Wicked-T's Sojourn


Rejoice with me, gentle reader, for I have found home.

This site is dedicated to the love of Tara Tambolleo (justly deserved) and her incredible poetry. Many other fabulous poets are depicted here, as well. All are just as talented as the afore mentioned Tara. Want to venture into her world and taste forbidden fruits and sample exotic revelations? Then, please, sally forth ...


I regret NOTHING!

And I, in love with the scratch of pen upon paper, fall once more to the telling of this tale. The story, rendered full of anguish, hopeless despair, incredible joy and a thousand arrows of this outrageous fortune, is not incredible. No, nor even interesting for those that venture, all unaware, into the realm of my pyschotic ramblings. Yet, it is this that keeps me tied to the sanity so threatened by the chaos and betrayal of this so-long life. This mortal coil that ever offers pains of age and abuse.

Yet, and yet... is it not worth a million slights to know the power of this skill? What peace do I disdain to find the power that renders pictures to this pain? Gentle reader, forgive the bard of this tale, for she is weary and disillusioned with this life, yet the telling must be done.



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