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Well, they asked for an adjective... :-)

EMM386's Home Page

for everything and nothing and something else besides

I am EMM386, the bane of all computer gamers! My faithful henchman General Protection Fault and I wreak havoc on systems across the world! Beware! Error #6 will be coming soon to a computer near you! Ha, ha, ha!!!!

Hello! Welcome to my home page, and thank you for coming! I've been working on my page for a while, and I'm pleased to say that it finally has some content. Whether you're interested in Star Wars, stories, music, or (better yet!) nerds, you've come to the right place! In fact, even if you were looking for something completely different, why not give it a try? It builds character! :-)

For those of you looking for information on or help with Microsoft's EMM386 program, I have an alternate welcome: please go away. I did not create EMM386, I do not sell EMM386, and I do not work for a Tech Support department. Sorry. If this sounds overly irritable, my apologies, but although I don't mind offering a little assistance in computer matters where I can, the same person can only email me demanding the EMM386 program so many times before I begin to get sick of it. ;-) But enough of that; on with the page! :-)

Oh yeah, before you go any farther, you should probably know that (roughly) people with nothing better to do have visited this site since October 23, 1996.

First-time and overly-dedicated visitors will want to check out these pages...

What is EMM386? EMM386's Manifesto

About EMM386's Homepage EMM386's FAQ

Once you get enough "background" above, you'll want to see my real attractions!

EMM386's Music EMM386's Library EMM386's Star Wars Quiz

The Nerdiness Manifesto EMM386's Interactive Story EMM386's Archives

Don't you hate those pages with descriptionless links on their index page? No? Well, me neither, but...

My Professional Homepage LinksMy Personal Homepage Links

If you would like to submit a home page to be linked, whether it is yours or anyone else's, please just email me with the page's URL! I'll link the page as soon as possible!

You know, it is okay with me if you sign my book. I won't discover your dialup account, trace your address, hunt you down, and try to convert you into a nerd. At least...probably not. :-)

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I'm not quite sure why I keep posting these, but here is my most recently saved guestbook....

Older Geocities guestbooks (or, at any rate, what I managed to save of them) are here and here...

And finally, entries from my dark days of Lpage guestbooks can be found here, here, and here. :-)

If you don't feel like signing another book, why don't you send me a note? I'd be glad to hear anything, especially if you have some advice or suggestions! What did you think of my music and my stories? Please write to me, I need all the help I can get (in more ways than one!).


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