Furc Central

Kittrel and Kaelzen's Stories "Stories from the Canines". A compilation of stories from Kitt and Kael... Check out a few stories if you have some time and like to read.

Kitt's Furry Gallery Pretty much just trying to keep my art (currently strewn across the net) organized! Care to take a look?

Furcish Downloads I will share in my furriness... Nope, I'm not a computer genius, but I figgered I'd share my meager knowledge all the same. =o) Replacement midis, dreams, perhaps a "manual" or two. =o)

Furry Links! I shall not say I have a complete listing of furry sites. Actually, I maybe know of only 1/100th of the links out there (if that!) I'm just gonna state the ones I visit the most. =o)