WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE & NOT A DROP TO DRINK. We need purer water, cleaner oceans, a safer environment, and help to get rid of free radical. BUT HOW ?


A Texas Howdy...

I'm "JJ" and I believe in Clean Living!

Since they say that, "Everything's Big in Texas", I started looking around to see just how clean this "Big" state of ours really was.  

I found....

The water we're drinking has Fluoride and a level of Chlorine in it that is UNSAFE to swim in

The air we breathe has pollutants in it, the state issues UNSAFE AIR ADVISORIES

The toothpaste, deodorants & other personal products we use have HAZARD WARNINGS on their labels

The cleaning products use are UNSAFE. .Do you know that 11,000 children DIE EVERY YEAR due to the ingestion of household cleaners !


 We blame the BIG Industries for all the polluting, but we never stop to think that the products we use, we flush down the DRAIN.................. ...WE GET THEM BACK IN OUR WATER SUPPLY !

If each person pitched in, we could reduce the environment's pollutants by OVER 50%.



STOP - Now wait just a minute:

Replace Ignorance with Enlightenment

Take the 1st step. It may save your life, or your loved ones. 

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Updated 02/09/00

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