Tony Patt
273 Upland Road
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA
617 510 2340

Greetings friends and strangers. This is my personal web page, here just to help you find me in case you were doing a web search for my name. You may also be interested in my professional web page. Note that my phone number has changed, as I just switched from having a wired phone to having only a wireless one; the phone book doesn't seem to include wireless phone numbers, so this is the only source. As you can see, I am living in Cambridge, where I am a PhD student in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

I am researching environmental policy issues that involve a decision analytic element. These include global climate change, regional acidification, and perhaps even a little loss of biodiversity. I think about how theories from behavioral economics, international relations, and good old game theory apply to the negotiations of problems and their solutions, between nation states. In particular, I examine the relationship between these negotiation processes and the evolution of the scientific inquiry that defines the problem in the first place. By design, my research takes me to places like Austria, Switzerland, and soon Indonesia.

This past winter I got in 25 days on snow, and for a change of pace learned to snowboard. Now that summer is here I am gearing up again for a season of paragliding and climbing. Last summer I managed to do some of both in the fair land of Slovenija, and absolutely fell in love with the place. I hope to return this summer. I am also dating a cool woman, whose name is Renee Richer, a PhD candidate in evolutionary biology, whose research takes her to Zimbabwe. My family is doing well, although my father's health is not what it was even a year ago, which is very sad. I love him dearly, and hope he improves, although at his age of 82 I know it is not likely. So please, use the email option at the bottom of this page, and send me a note. Anyway, here are a few links just to keep you busy.

Kennedy School
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Mad River Glen Cooperative

last update 28 April 1998

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