Carnivorous Plants Free Seedbank

& Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Carnivorous Plant Free Seedbank and Photo Gallery!

After a long dormancy I am rebuilding my collection of carnivorous plants and this website. I am again sending out free surlpus seed. I have sent seed to everyone who sent an SASE to my PO Box. I am currently getting caught up with the backlog of E-Mail requests.

I will send out free seed for very common, easy to grow species. I send the rest of my seeds to the International Carnivorous Plant Society. They maintain a seedbank for their members. If you are at all interested in growing carnivorous plants, you should consider joining this organization.

I am currently recovering from a vicious and nasty divorce. Right now, Carnivorous Plants are not my number one priority. If you send me an SASE I will eventually fill it with some free seed and return it to you. Please have patience. At this point, I don't get around to checking my PO Box more than once every few months.

Thank you,

Mike Tarnowski January 2, 2002