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Even though my eyes look tired, my lips are always ready for a smile.
He understands this and has a way of making me laugh.
That is one of many reasons I fall in love with him all over again.
I should show and tell him that more often so he always knows and so I never forget.

These were taken at the company Christmas Party. The one on the left was also our second date. Yes, Hal made the vests! He's soooo talented!

Relaxing at the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill.

This was from last Christmas; for some reason, Hal likes the picture. So here it is.

This is my oldest son, Stephen; his partner, Tammy; and their
oldest daughter/our oldest granddaughter, Jasmine. Click on their picture to see more pictures, but don't forget to come back (the link's at the bottom of the page) to see more!

Here's some cool links for ya.... yeah, I know I need to set up a separate page for links.

My Neice's Award-winning Drew Carey Website

Blue Ridge Parkway & Skyline Drive

Visit NC (travel information)

LuLu Roman's Website

You may remember her from the TV Show, Hee Haw, as Cousin LuLu with The Culhanes. She currently tours the country performing concerts; she has several CDs, lots of yummy treats, and a cookbook that is available through her website. It's definitely worth checking out! She's a fascinating and very sweet woman, and she does "Happy Birthday" much better than Marilyn Monroe!

Human Rights Campaign

WFMY News 2 out of Greensboro, NC.

Information to prevent Idenity Theft

Interesting way to tell what time it is., where we met.

The NC Zoo nearby in Asheboro

Extensive song lyrics site

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