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The piggy bank is a piece of art already long known by many different cultures;
it's only natural that this lovely animal has an internet-page of its own!
Some people say: "the old-fashioned piggy bank has gone the way of rabbit ears
-- they're hula hoops for the youngsters of the 1990s",
but we think that no era has shown such a rich variety in piggy banks.
see a part of Gert's piggy bank collection

see a part of Gert's piggy banks collection

piggy bank news

Perceptive piggy - further news at:
 Simon Fraser News

piggy bank history

read Gert Deelman's story:
a brief history of piggy banks

See also: The answer to the MondoTrivia question of December 12, 1997:
How did the "piggy bank" get its name and shape of a pig?


A popular tradition mirrors a people's ambivalent feelings about swine.


he Chinese attitude toward the pig reveals a long-standing love-hate relationship that began with its ancestor the wild boar. The boar was thoroughly detested by farmers for destroying their vegetable crops, but it was also admired for its great strength, speed, and ferocity, and the therapeutic values of various parts of its body. The ancient Chinese drew on the traits of the wild boar to characterize people and even governments. In time, the Chinese domesticated the wild boar, and over a long period it evolved into the pig. The pig provided meat, an important source of protein, and countless by-products. Its fast growth and reproductive power made it an emblem of wealth and prosperity. Pigs also played a role in rituals related to death and the afterlife, and pig effigies and bones were often included in burials. Pigs were also thought to be efficient guardians of children.

© 1996 by the Archaeological Institute of America

from: Chines Pig Tales

FAT Links

piggy bank shop:

In Holland there is a shop for "cow and pig collectors" in Breda called "Beestenboel" ; the address: Graaf Hendrik III laan 63, Breda, Netherlands, tel. +31 (0)76 5216324, fax +31 (0)76 5208890

piggy bank collectors:

  • paula & hans tacq - boskoop - nl - piggybank@tqdesign.nl
  • me - usa - bdean@vt.edu
  • sheri mcmanus - philadelphia - usa - Sssjbm@AOL.COM
  • lwilson@windowware.com
  • OWL collects banks in general, also "piggies" - evernew@infohwy.com
  • michelle moore - arkansas, usa - she has over 700 piggy-banks - mooremg@flash.net - http://www.flash.net/~gemoore/pigpage.htm
  • gert deelman - nl - grd@worldonline.nl see some of gert's piggy banks on the next page: Gert's piggy banks 
  • denise grundeland - dgrundeland@email.msn.com - I am a collector of piggy banks, I especially like "corky" piggy banks by hull pottery; I would like to meet people with similar interests and possibly expand my collection.
  • your name can be here on this list!

    piggy bank jokes

    Inflation was getting out of hand, so Joe suggested to his wife Louise, that they should try to save some money on the side. "Every time I lay you, I'll give you a dollar for you piggy bank", he said. After some time they wanted to go on a holiday and smashed the piggy bank to pieces. Out tumbled a bunch of dollars, but there were also many bundles of fives, tens and twenties. "Louise, where did you get all that money?" asked Joe, "each time we made love, I only gave you one dollar!" "So what?" she replied, "do you think everyone is as stingy as you?"

    I will give you my piggy bank but the rate of interest will be
    double the bank rate plus movie plus an ice-cream plus...

    Copyright: Cartoon by Priya Raj 1995, from IndiaWORLD

    do you know a funny joke with or about a piggy bank, PLEASE let us know

    "piggy bank" in different languages

    • ENGLISH - piggy bank
    • NEDERLANDS (dutch) - spaarvarken
    • FRANCAIS (french) - tirelire à couchon
    • DEUTSCH (german) - Sparschwein
    • NORSK (norwegian) - sparegris   (thanks Lars-Toralf Storstrand)
    • ESPANOL (spanish) - hucha de cerdito   (thanks to Cisar Alas)
    • DANSK (danish) - spargris   (thanks to Karin Brandt Koch, USA)
    • AFRIKAANS (south-african) - spaarvarkie   (thanks to TM)
    • TURKISH - domuz kumbara   (thanks to Altan Orer)
    • ITALIANO (italian) - porcellino salvadanaio (thanks to Gary D. Cannon, USA)
    • JAPANESE - Buta-san Chokinbako (thanks to Miki Oyama, Japan)
    • SUOMI (finnish) - säästöpossu (thanks to PT, Finland)
    • POLSKA (polish) - scarbonka swinka (thanks to Gert Deelman, Netherlands)

      ........ in your language,
      let us know by e-mail or visit the Guestbook!

    piggy bank advertisements



    California Miracles Centre

    The Kansas City StarNet / Business

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    of nice piggy banks

    the end?
    No, this is not yet the end, you can read and
    look at
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    Binary pig
    Litle pig

    What are the further plans with this "the-first-world-wide-piggy-bank-home-page"?

    For all this we need the help of people all over the world, so if you are interested , know something about piggy-banks, know where we can find more information about piggy-banks, have information about piggy-bank museums or other museums who have a collection about piggy-banks, PLEASE let us know, send us your suggestions, e-mail us at


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