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This page is mostly for my Ford Torinos and Mercury Montegos that I own. The Torino line was started in 1968 and ended production in 1976. Along with the Ford Torino was the Fairlane and 70 1/2 Falcon. All were based on the same body style but had different options and trim. It started off as a sporty muscle car and ended up like most american cars of the 70's big and heavy.

But I think that they are are quite roomy and each has its own appeal. I really like the body style of the 70-71 model since it is the car that I first owned and still do. The 1970-71 is the style that I like the most of all the years. I have expanded my collection to include a 70 Mercury Montego four door, 72 Montego wagon, 72 Gran Torino Sport fastback, 72 Ford Gran Torino 4 door and a 73 Gran Torino formal roof. Check the bottom of this page for updates

# of people since Feb. 15,1996 is 51,975.

Last updated March 12,2009

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I haven't had time to due much of anything. But my goal this summer is to get my 72 GTS up and running. I also bought a 73 GTS last summer. I also plan on showing an interchange page since most of my cars are here now.

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