Welcome All.... I would like to welcome you all to my home page that I just remodel.  My mom has tried to remodel long time before, but she didn't has time to do it, so now she finally get part of it finish.  So, please pardon for the mess and enjoy my picutures.   I also would like to thanks for everyone who helped me to create this home page and took a lot of lovely pictures of mine.  Also, thanks to Jorge Duenas, who has signed up a free web page and helped my mom to update this web page.  Hope you all link this NEW page alright!.  If you found any broken link, please fee free to email me.
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I am a little Shihtzu, Chinese dog.  I almost three years old, 13.5 lbs, and about 20 inches long...  I AM VERY SINGLE.  My responsibility is home security and watching  people walk by my house.  As the only dog in the house, I am very spoiled and love to be spoiled.  I am so grateful to God to give me a chance to live with the people who love me dearly.  I love them all too and my loves also included Isabella, my cousin-uncles and their children... for liking me and playing with me every time they stop by my house.


Modeling, barking, playing soccer ball, playing on the snow, and eating tropical fruit ice-cream.  Of-course, they are all my favorite now.  As you know 1994, Shihtzu is the 12th most popular breed.
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Octobr 19, 2002
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