Patrick's Pond of Consciousness


As you can see, there is very little to this page... but content isn't everything. Simplicity is a virtue by many standards.
Because I've been busy with law school at my web journal at livejournal. Aloha! Pat (January 1, 2004)

Pond Life

For now, the best way one can see what goes on here in my pond is to check out some of the following sites below.

These include:
  • My Creighton Page, which is generally the best maintained of my sites.
  • My Hawaii Page the first web site I ever made. Note: The Chinese character over the peaches in the background is my family name.
    And my sometimes functional webserver running off my powerbook...
  • YinYang which ironically is not quite balanced yet but that will come with time :).

Pages here in the pond at Geocities

  • The Helpful HTML Page is kind of junk right now but it does have a nice and helpful color chart.
  • Please check out my Cool Beans Page containing, among other things, Caroll Lewis' Jabberwocky.
  • My William Blake's The Tyger vs. The Lamb page is a paper I wrote for World Literature two years ago. Word of the page has quietly been spreading and has gradually become more popular than some of my other pages. Pond life is definately getting a bit more exciting down that end :).

Well that's all for now!