I'm glad you made it. Now that you are finally here, I can warn you about the terrible threat that faces us all. DUST BUNNIES! There are some that think dust bunnies are harmless, others have a slight inkling of the dangers they face. But only I know THE TRUTH!

    Below is a list of some of the things people believe dust bunnies to be.



    I know for a fact that dust bunnies are cleverly constructed, intelligent creatures created by the Central Intelligence Agency to monitor radicals, subversives and terrorist activity. Unfortunatly for the CIA these little spies broke out of the lab more than 30 years ago and started to procreate. Now these mini snoopers are infesting the entire world building an information network for the purposes of eventually enslaving mankind and owning the world. They have revealed their presence to myself and a few select others because they are nearly complete with their plans. They firmly believe that no one will listen to our stories.

    I know for a fact, because my spirit guide told me, that the dust bunnies, despite repeated attempts, have yet to infiltrate the internet. They are trying however. Yesterday, I started to place a disk into my drive and discovered a nest of them lurking in the shadows.

    I am hoping that after reading this you will understand the importance and the dangers that you face in your own homes. TAKE ACTION NOW!

    I have written this document and put myself in peril in the process. I have taken to wearing my electrified noodle strainer again to prevent my household dust bunnies from reading my thoughts while I type this, however, I've had to type this with my monitor truned off.


    If you would like to contact me to discuss the this terrible threat please email me at

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