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Okay... I know it's been a long long while since I last updated the homepage... and hopefully it hasn't done too much to hurt our rep. Well... I am now reflecting the change back to the Undernet, and am willing to take more submissions for the poems. Email me with any submissions. Oh, I can certainly use more pictures. Wolves preferably. If you're a visitor who's stumbled accross this homepage.. please feel free to email me with any questions, submissions, poems, etc... I'll be more than happy to take them and put them up. And, I promise to actually work on this page more. :)

WolfSpirit News

Well... I am in need of submissions to the homepage. There has been a whole lot of talk of getting the pack History together... and making a master list of birthdays, etc. As of late, I haven't heard much about this, but I'd be more than happy to help... and maybe even host something to this effect.

The first edition of the "WolfSpirit Coyote News" was put out... A VERY long time ago.  I want to set up the second edition, but can't, until someone sends me stuff!! :). If you've stumbled accross this page, please, feel more than welcome to read it. :) Unfortunately, I haven't had any submissions for the Next edition. I REALLY want to put it out.. and am VERY anxious on hearing what you all want to see in the WS newsletter :) P L E A S E!!!! DCC me if you see me on channel... or email me and pray that I get it!!

Well... www.wolfspirit.org is up and beautiful. There isn't much that ISN'T up there! Still... I REALLY want to get the Second edition of Wolfspirit Coyote out. It's not that I've been slacking off.. it's that I have nothing to put in it. This is a VERY VERY big howl-out for stuff!! SEND IT IN PEOPLES!!!

(side note... I'm now the system administrator of confused.wolfspirit.org! If there are things you need to run on a server, email me and I'll see if confused will let me do it ;) )


Welcome to the land of the LanHunters, a pack of wolves who roam the endless forest on the Undernet in IRC. If you mean no harm to the pack, and wish to meet us, come to #WolfSpirit.

Introduction to The Pack

#WolfSpirit is not a roleplaying channel... all of us have true WolfSpirit, and we welcome all those who also have WolfSpirit. If you wish to roleplay, #TheCavern is available for your use. After reading this... you may wonder what WolfSpirit is. It's a philosophy based on how wolves live... and is truely unique. Part of having WolfSpirit is the ability to be an individual... living as such... and making yourself able to function as a group. While deciding in which neighborhood to place this webpage... I narrowed the search down to two possibilities... The Environmental Area, and this one... the one devoted to Philosophy, Writing, Poetry, and Education. Finally I decided to place it here because our purpose is not for Wolves... but for the Wolves inside us... the part of us that longs to hunt and play... and just be Wolves. That's really all that I can say about it... about being drawn here... and such.

Pack Rule is held by the Pack Leader (aka "Alpha Male"), who holds supreme command, but can be challenged by his closest subordinate, who may fight against him (the Pack Protector, or "Beta Male"). Under the protector are the Elders, of which there are several.

The Pack's Elders Are...

UPDATE: The Elder's List is NOT, I repeat NOT out of date any more :) (so much for

Oh... wanna see the current list of pack members? if so... you'll have to wait till I get the RIGHT link up :)

Well, here are some interesting links... you might like to try

Misc. Links

LanHunters' and Pack Friends' Links



Heck... I'll even put in YOUR personal homepage if you're a LanHunter!

email me, please!

Hey Wolves!! now that Cubbie has his MUD inside him... I can give ya a link to it! :) Remember... only those who've cleared an account with BlkWolfLH can telnet to him...

If you've got an account... click here! to enter cubby!

I'll get more links in here, as soon as I remember the urls...

If you're interested... come on to #WolfSpirit, on the Undernet (us.undernet.org).
Some of my favorite servers-
Server IP number Available Ports
lowell.ma.us.undernet.org 6661-6669
vancouver.bc.ca.undernet.org 6661-6680
sandiego.ca.us.undernet.org 6661-6669
dallas.tx.us.undernet.org 6661-6669

or... you can  email me if you need any additional help, or servers :)

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLL!!!!! oh...P.S. any LH have any pics for me to add? any of the links not work? anything? email me, please...

Comments are WELCOME!!!  email:  scarwolf@wolfspirit.org